6 Tips to Kick Ailments and Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

‘Health is Wealth’, a famous phrase says it all. Still, you find a lot of people ignoring this fact and living an unhealthy lifestyle. Be it smoking, drinking, eating unhealthy foods or just living a sedentary lifestyle, all these things only give rise to a number of ailments and push you more towards you an inactive and morbid living. Why live such a life, when you can make the choice?

You can definitely turn the tables, starting today, but only if you are willing to do so. You do not have to make big sacrifices or radical changes. Just make a few small alterations, like having a glass full of water after meals, including more vegetables and fruits in your diet, going for a walk, etc. These small lifestyle changes, including the ones given below can help a great deal in kicking out obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, depression, osteoporosis, stress and many more such diseases, while helping you live a healthy, fit and active life.

1.    Eat Healthy, Eat Well

Another popular saying “You are what you eat”, makes it all very clear. With a whopping 90% health ailments caused by eating unhealthy foods and following unhealthy habits, you can very well understand the importance of eating healthy. But what does healthy eating mean? It means,

  • Never skip your breakfast. On the contrary have a healthy breakfast. Instead of eating greasy food early morning, choose your breakfast items wisely. Include more of cereals, oatmeal, fruits, eggs, whole wheat bread, peanut butter, a glass of skimmed milk and low-fat yoghurt in your diet.These are not only healthy choices but will also help jumpstart your day on a positive note.
  • Have light lunch and dinner but still make it nourishing. This can be done by including whole grains, brown rice, vegetables, beans, lentils, tofu, healthy fats, lean meat, eggs and fish in your diet. Eat all these foods in small amounts, to avoid eating till you are full.  Keep off from the very tempting dessert and remember to finish your meal with a glass of water.
  •  Add more vegetables (salads, lightly sautéed or boiled) and fruits in your diet. Fruits are great snack items. They are not only nourishing and filling but will also keep you off from needless snacking.
  • Cut down on unhealthy items like hamburgers, pastas, pizzas and hot dogs that you buy from nearby fast food joints. Also considerably cut down on fried foods, soft  drinks, chocolates, sweets, sugar-based fruit juices and processed foods. Instead prepare fresh vegetable and fruit juices, sandwiches and fruit-based smoothies (without sugar) at home. These along with nuts and crackers can serve as great snack items.

2.    Keep yourself Hydrated

Every dietician and nutritionist would advise you to have 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. This is because water does not have any calories, keeps you hydrated and helps flush out toxins from your body. But, instead of gulping down a lot of water at one go; have one full glass of water after every meal. This will not only fill you but will also prevent frequent hunger pangs.

3.    Get Rid of Unhealthy Habits

Be it eating unhealthy foods, smoking, consuming alcohol or even following a fad diet or strenuous exercise regime, all of these are unhealthy and risky. Take charge of your health now. Discontinue your so-called weight loss program and cut down on smoking and alcohol consumption. Follow healthy eating, but eat in moderation.

4.    Get an Active Lifestyle

You need to start moving a lot, if you want to have a healthy life. This however does not mean that you enrol yourself in the nearest local gym. You can do this easily by lessening your TV viewing time, doing your own household chores, taking the stairs instead of the lift and even walking to the nearest grocery. In addition to this, follow an exercise regime and stick to. You can choose to walk, cycle, jog, swim, run, do yoga or even perform some stretching exercises. Choose any of the exercise forms and follow it every day for half an hour.

5.    Get Enough Sleep

Studies have time and again shown that people having less sleep tend to put on more weight and are more prone to illnesses. Having seven to eight hours of sleep every night is sufficient to keep you agile, awake, focussed and energized throughout the day.

6.    Have Regular Check ups

This is one of the highly neglected tips. Nowadays with increasing cases of hypertension, cancer, depression and stroke detected in even young people, it is imperative to undergo a routine health check-up after every 6 to 8 months. This is particularly vital for people (both men and women) above the age of 40. Also, as a person you can considerably help yourself detect an ailment. Just be alert. If you find something amiss with your body, then immediately point this out to your doctor. Remember, detecting an ailment at its initial stages will not only help you prevent it from aggravating further but will also help you save money, you would have otherwise spent on high medical bills. As they say, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

If you feel there are some other valuable tips that can help lead a healthy lifestyle, then you are free to suggest them. Valuable suggestions will only make this piece more informative and useful for readers.


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