How to Reach Your Target Audience and Initial Customers in an Inexpensive Way

Are you a small business, freelancer or blogger who is looking to target your niche audience and get potential customers for your business? If so, then you really need to work hard to tap your customer base, attract traffic to your site and turn potential customers into your real client and all this within a hard-pressed budget.

The below given ideas will help you in reaching out to your target audience and getting your initial customers in an inexpensive and effectual way.

 Know Your Target Audience

One of the very first steps to reach your target audience is to know your audience. Questions like who are most likely to buy your service/product, people in which age bracket might be most interested in your service/product, which countries or states have high demand for your product/service, etc. are something that you should consider. Write down all such questions, research about them and answer them honestly. Once you determine your target audience, you can very well start on a definite plan to reach them.

Start Blogging

Create your own blog and regularly post and share meaningful, interesting and useful content. This is a great way to pull free traffic to your site. You can also guest blog to increase exposure about your work or business along with giving some useful material for your customers. However the key to blogging is to be consistent in terms of quality and quantity. If you are able to do so, then you can gain good amount of traffic to your site and without spending a dime.

Increase your Credibility

Customers look for a trusted service provider when searching for a product or service. As a newbie, it is essential to get that. But how do you go about achieving it when you are a newcomer? One of the best ways to create your brand credibility is by using the credibility of trusted and present brands. You can link your site with reputed websites. You can also email them and request for an advertisement space in their website or a mention of your website name, whenever they have something specific to say in relation to your business/niche. Besides this, making yourself contactable to people, replying back to queries or comments promptly, having an easy to use and professional looking website and the best of all, having great content on your site is vital, to enhance your credibility online.

Use WOM Marketing

There are numerous websites online with thousands working in your niche. To spread the word about your business, service or product, advertising is a must. Television and radio give instant exposure. Google AdWords is another great way to advertise. But these platforms need money. If you are a freelancer/new business having a tight budget or if you want to advertise in an inexpensive way, then do not keep mum. Word of mouth publicity is one of the easiest and free ways to advertise. Tell about your work and website to your friends, family, former and present teammates and even your employers and subtly tell them to spread the word. This will help with the initial promotion of your website, along with getting you some much needed feedback and even one or two local customers in return.

Social Networking Sites

Another very effective and popular method of advertisement is the net. The internet not only gives you a much wider audience but also stiff competition by your competitors. Be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Google +, use these free social circles and networking platforms to your benefit. Sign up with these sites for free, start liking, following, networking and conversing with like-minded people while advertising your service/product in both direct and indirect ways. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube offer some great advertisement strategies and within a small budget. You can use it to attract high traffic, expand your networking circle and develop long-lasting professional relationships with potential customers.

Email Marketing

‘The money lies in the list. You might have heard this line a number of times already. Email marketing is definitely a great way to reach potential customers. However for a new business, it is always difficult to get an email list. Now that does not mean that you buy a list. A bought list definitely gives you a number of people whom you can contact to; but your email might end up in the spam box, if people are not looking for your service/product in the very first place.

Go slow and steady by generating an email list instead. For a start, you can post your signup form on your homepage as well on the blog post which is generating regular high traffic to your site. You can also signup for an email list provider, create an opt-in form and then add to your site. Check your comments column. Gather emails of people who have written encouraging/negative feedback. These are emails that you can work on to start off with. Shoot off newsletters whenever you have something new to say or have an important updates to make and not otherwise.

Though there are a whole lot of other ideas that can help you reach your niche market, these are a few inexpensive ways of achieving that. Be nice and sweet to your customers, make a point to listen to their concerns, reply back whenever you have time and offer a discount for your loyal customers. This will not only strengthen your relationship with your existing customers and bring new customers through their referrals, but it will also make them feel appreciated and benefited by using your service.

If you feel that there are more such free and effectual ways to reach your target audience and pull customers to your site, then you are free to comment below. If you like this post, then also please do share it with your peeps!


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