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Why is My Blog Not Attracting Traffic?

Have you often wondered on why some blogs are being immensely liked by readers and shared a lot online? Are you pondering on why your blog is not able to generate traffic to your site, despite you putting in your best efforts?

Well, there are countless websites and millions of articles and blogs online. With so many thousands of articles and blogs written on similar topics, it becomes vital to be different and at the same time attract traffic to your site. If you are a relatively new blogger or an experienced blogger who is finding it difficult to pull free traffic to your site, then I recommend that you continue reading. Below give are some possible reasons that might be hampering your chances of drawing traffic to your site. See where you fit and subsequently make required changes to multiply your possibilities to be loved by Google.

1) Started Now

If you have started now, with just one or two articles/blog posts to your credit, then it is highly impossible to find thousands of people flocking to your site. In such a case it is actually not your mistake. Be patient but determined in your pursuit to reach your goal. You need to have a good number of useful blogs to your credit and build a good rapport with fellow bloggers and like-minded people to gain a regular flow of traffic to your site. Just continue working and you will definitely be on the road to success.

2) Infrequent Posting

Do you write when you feel like writing? Do you feel that you are not getting sufficient time to write? If you are nodding your head on both these counts, then you really need to pull up your socks. Take the time out and write regularly. Regularly can be twice, thrice, four or five times a week. Post your best articles on a regular basis, to build your set of loyal readers while also drawing a few more people to your site every week.

3) Uninteresting or Irrelevant Content

Readers come visiting your site in the hope of finding useful material. If you are not helping them solve their queries or you are writing irrelevant stuff or in a boring manner, then no amount of internet marketing or social media marketing tricks will keep you from going downhill. If you need some ideas on writing a good blog, then I recommend you check this post – ‘30 Inspiring Ideas to Develop Content for Your Blog’ by Jeff Bullas. It will definitely be of some help to you.

4) Poor SEO

You might have come across a number of articles and blogs dedicated to optimizing your content. This holds true if you want people to visit your site and read your blogs. If you have a highly optimized content, then Google and other search engine sites will automatically send visitors to your site, while ranking you high on their search engine pages. There are a lot many ways to optimize your content. However you can first start with using keywords and LSI words in your content and keyword/s in your Title tag. Also use keyword-focussed anchor link in your text and build strong SEO backlinks. Follow these basics and keep on adding a few more SEO link-building technique as you keep on working more.

5) Insufficient Distribution to Social Media and Social Bookmarking Sites

Posting your blog or article on your website is not going to draw high traffic to your site, if you are not taking sufficient steps to promote it. Unless you promote your content, people will not know that you or your site exists. In today’s day and time, social media plays an important role in getting your content known to millions of people online. Just use it, to attract even a fraction of it and see how you get a loyal set of readers. Post your article/blog and share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. The more you share, the higher are the chances of your article/blog getting noticed and read by people. Remember, all these are free ways of promoting your content. Do not throw away such wonderful opportunities.

Not writing a catchy headline, not being focussed enough, not engaging with fellow bloggers and even waiting in front of your PC in the hope of driving traffic are all hindrances to your effort of not being get traffic. Just work on these inadequacies and determinedly continue doing your work.

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