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Top 7 Content Writing Topics for Bloggers

As writers, there is a lot of material on the internet, which inspires us to read, think and write about. However there are also a few days, when we are absolutely clueless. The mind goes blank and we are often left wondering about what topics to write on. If you are facing such problems and are thinking of a topic that is interesting for readers, will give you considerable inputs to write on and that will also drive traffic to your website, then you need not worry. There are some evergreen topics or popular topics on which you can write an article or blog and without bothering about inadequate audience.

The below given 7 topics are quite popular online, as the demand for blogs, articles, news and information under these subjects are considerably higher among readers.

1.    Weight loss

Under this topic, you can write a whole lot of things. It can be about tips or techniques to lose weight naturally, about weight loss techniques for rapid weight loss or any new method regarding weight loss. With more and more people being conscious about their health and wanting to remain fit and agile and follow a healthy lifestyle, there is a big audience out there, waiting to read on this topic.

2.    Cooking

If you love cooking and can dish out a variety of delicacies, then you can blog on cooking. You can write about recipes serving authentic food, about continental food, your own inventions, recipes on quick meals, snacks, desserts, etc. As said before, people are nowadays more health-conscious and would love to know about recipes that are tasty, healthy and are low in calories. You can easily let out recipes that will help readers regain their slim and trim figure through your blogs.

3.    Beauty

Another evergreen and popular topic to write on is beauty. You can write about beauty secrets, age-old practices followed to maintain good skin, natural products or tips for a glowing skin, modern methods to rediscover glowing skin, etc. You can also write about skincare regime, techniques to reverse aging, products to slow down skin aging, about celebrity beauty secrets and whole lot of other things. In fact the more you think, the more number of topics can be generated under this main topic.

4.    Fashion

Fashion and beauty are thought to be inter-related, but this topic has a life of its own. Clothing, fashion jewellery, shoes and accessories are some of the sub-categories that fall under fashion. A number of interesting and visually attractive topics can be generated under this topic, while attracting more eyeballs to your site.

5.    Technology

This is again one popular topic, due to the enormous amount of developments made in the field of technology. Under technology, there are a whole lot of electronic gadgets, appliances, news about new technological developments and many more that keep coming up regularly and from all parts of the world. In fact, if you just consider cell phones and cameras, then you will find so many new models being introduced from time to time. This kind of information is quite useful and valuable for readers and they regularly keep looking for it online.

6.    How to Make Money Online

Another hot topic that people constantly keep looking for is how to make money online. Be it recession, boredom from a monotonous 9 to 5 job, feasibility to work in flexible hours or working part time to earn some extra cash, the reasons for looking for an online job are ‘money‘. If you have the know-how, the ideas, business or the skills, then you can very well write on this topic.

 7.    Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Gmail, etc. are all different social media sites. These sites now play an important part in marketing, promotional and advertising activities. With people taking active interest in these sites, there are a number of blogs and articles dedicated to informing, educating and even enlightening readers with tips, ideas, techniques and added information on how to make the best use of these social media sites for optimum benefit for marketing/promotional activities. With these sites here to stay, social media is another hot topic that is expected to gain increasing eyeballs from readers.

The above 7 topics are the hot content writing topics according to me. In addition to these, topics like nutrition, fitness, travelling and real estate are other quite relevant, useful and interesting topics. If you are short of ideas or are doubtful on which topic to write, then you can consider any of the above topics to write an interesting and useful article/blog while managing to drive free traffic to your site.

PS: All the above pictures are courtesy: Pixabay

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