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4 Important Techniques to Pull Free Traffic to your Website

Have you set up a website recently? Is it garnering traffic? No. Well, it is really not surprising. Setting up a website does not guarantee traffic to your site. In today’s competitive world, where there are countless websites floating around, standing out among the crowd and creating your own identity online is really not that easy. However if you really want to make your presence felt online and attract visitors to your site, then follow the below given four ways to drive traffic to your site. Do a bit of research on each of these tips, understand them properly and then start implementing.

Ø Write Good Stuff Regularly – Remember ‘CONTENT IS KING’

You might have read a similar heading or have been given a similar advice by an SEO guru. This is because no amount of SEO tactic or advertising gimmick will work, if your website does not boast of quality content. Great content is really what drives high traffic to any site. Irrespective of whether you are a blogger or an online business, you need to upload meaningful and engaging content from time to time. Visitors come looking for information. If they do not get what they want, then be prepared to witness low or nil traffic to your site in due course.

Now if you can write well or have engaged writers to your site, then update your site regularly. Upload at least two posts a week (your most informative piece). Add relevant tags, update your posts under a specific category and add a suitable image beside. This is essential, if you want Google and other search engine sites to show interest in your website. This is also essential, if you want to keep your loyal set of audience coming back for more.

Ø Know How to Optimize your Website

This is again a frequently heard term. For a newbie, a term like SEO can be quite confusing and frustrating. What do you actually mean by optimizing your site? For a start, optimizing your site means writing and presenting your website content in such a way that search engine sites like Google or Yahoo reach up to you quickly, as soon as someone enters a phrase or word in the search box.

So how do you go about doing that?

Honestly, there is no specific route that will lead you to success. But there are multiple search engine optimization methods that will help optimize your site. Choosing the right keywords for your niche, knowing how to place them in your content, what should be the keyword density, building strong backlinks, knowing how to use Meta tags, etc., is all part of SEO. All these concepts are quite crucial and important SEO techniques. You need to really invest an hour or two every day, trying to know each of these concepts and the ways to achieve them. Read SEO related blogs and tips online and then go about implementing them slowly.

A word of advice: Do not get fooled by unnatural or paid link building exercises or paid services that will give you a thousand likes or hits in a day. These gimmicks are not going to help you much. On the contrary, it will do you more harm than good.

Ø Use Your Social Networking Account

A good step to get traffic to your site is by using social media sites. The traffic is instant and free. Use your Facebook, Gmail or Twitter to the fullest. Start by first telling all your contact friends, family and even acquaintances about your site. Tell them to visit and comment on your site. Also tell them to spread the word further. Keep this going by sharing your latest blog to your Facebook or Twitter page and encourage people to comment. Let people participate, comment, share, follow and talk about you and your site. Though getting real traffic from social media sites takes a bit longer, you need to continue doing so, as the results of your energies is definitely worth it.

Ø Submit your Articles/Blogs to Social Bookmarking Sites

Some very popular social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Redditt, etc., can really bring a whole lot of free traffic to your website, particularly if you land up in their front pages. The only criterion to land up in their first page is to have strong and up-to-date content.

A word of advice: In addition to writing meaningful and value-added content to any of these sites, remember to have a catchy title, recheck all your facts, allow people to bookmark your site and submit your article/blog under the right category. Do not give stale or wrong material as there a whole lot of people reading your content. They will immediately pull you down.

In addition to the above methods, there are a whole lot of techniques like guest blogging, promoting your site offline, advertising, using viral content, etc. to pull traffic to your site. However the above four methods are the most important. Getting free and right traffic to your site is possible but not quite easy. If you sincerely work on the above methods and follow them properly and continuously, then you are guaranteed to get high traffic to your site.

If you think there is any other method that is more deserving or if you want to talk about a point, then you are free to comment below. Suggestions, tips and healthy discussions are always welcome!