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Top Websites for Teaching & Tutoring Job Seekers

If you are a qualified teacher, but currently unemployed due to personal reasons or a skilled housewife, retiree or person looking for means to earn money online by imparting real education to needful students, then online teaching jobs are what you need to look at. Sitting in the comfort of your home or made-up office space, you can help teach, tutor, prepare students for their tests, help with their homework or answer questions, based on the teaching website you register into.

To get started, all you need to have is an internet connection (in some cases a webcam or Skype type medium), be zealous and sincere enough to teach/tutor students in the time you have set for online teaching and in turn make money. A win-win situation for both teachers and students, an online teaching job with millions of students, thousands of courses and tutors involved enables the best travel-free education for both parties.

Image result for laptop images where teaching

Below given is a list of some popular, exclusive and reliable online and remote teaching job portals I have come up with. Most of these websites offer part-time, freelance and full-time online teaching/tutoring job options. While most of the below mentioned sites are absolutely free of cost, some sites take a one–time fee when you register with your details. Look into each of these sites to know what meets your and their skills and requirements and then start applying.

  1. HigherEdJobs
  2. SchoolSpring
  3. Udemy
  4. Transtutors
  5. GetEducated
  6. Tutorvista
  7. Buddyschool
  8. CheggTutors
  9. Tutor
  10. Aim-for-A Tutoring
  11. Vedantu
  12. Skooli.com
  13. WizIQ
  14. Eduwizards
  15. Tutorcomp
  16. Tutorme
  17. MyPrivateTutor (For Indians only)

Image result for teachers

While searching and researching about teaching jobs, I thought of making another small list and help interested job seekers in the educational section. You can click the below given links to find dedicated job portals for teachers and school staff. These exclusive sites bring along an array of job openings for teachers, tutors, trainers, administrative staff and other competent personnel who are looking out for jobs in the academic department. These work opportunities are mostly on-location, but worthy sites to upload your resumes and seek legit work to get paid.

  1. Teachers-Teachers.com
  2. SchoolSpring
  3. K-12Jobs
  4. Teach.org
  5. IHireElementaryTeachers.com
  6. WantToTeach.com

Apart from the above lists, you can always search and apply for jobs in the very popular and general job seeking websites like Monster, Indeed, Careerbuilder and Linkedln (where you can look out for online as well as on-location job opportunities in the academic department).

PS: Hope the above sites are helpful and aid your aim to educate and earn money! Besides this, I would love if you leave some genuine names of online tutoring/teaching job portals or reviews about teaching websites you have or are working for in the comment section. This is for the sole purpose of helping teaching job seekers.

Also, I Do Not Take Credit for the Images Above. Found Them Online 🙂

Top 6 Beauty Essentials for Monsoon

One of my written blogs on the topic of Beauty & Fashion for Stylehoops.com. Hope it is helpful.


Monsoon! A season that automatically implies a romantic atmosphere, lush greenery, cool wind, heavy rains, the smell of earth and piping hot tea and pakoras, also reminds many of humidity, dampness and a skin that is prone to get sweaty, oily or that triggers acne frequently.

pic1Honestly, rainy days are not much different from summer, as the humidity levels are high and perspiration is a big problem. However, if you want to balance out these skincare cons with practical tips this monsoon, then all you need to include are a few essentials that will help you achieve a refreshing and hydrated feel throughout the drizzling months.


  1. Sunscreen – Do not frown on seeing the word ‘sunscreen’ or ‘sunblock’ as an essential part of your monsoon skincare regime. Unlike summers, you are not directly exposed to the harsh sunlight during the rains. However, the rays coming through the cloudy sky are…

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4 Basic Tips to Write a Great Headline for Twitter

First impression is the last impression. The saying holds true for headlines too. A catchy and mind blowing headline is a sure fire way of attracting readers to your blog, article or news item. In this age and time when there are numerous websites and countless articles and blogs, drawing readers to your website and luring them to read is not only very important but also quite difficult. Be it Facebook, Twitter or any other social media site, where you post content links to gain significant traffic to your site, writing an attractive headline is imperative to say the least.

Twitter is now a great social medium to promote and share your content to people from all across the globe. According to statistics, the number of Twitter users is now over 105 million, with Twitter witnessing a growth of more than 1300% last year. Writing an influencing headline in Twitter is hence paramount. Unlike other social media sites, Twitter does not disclose the contents of the text in totality but only offers 140 characters through which you can spread your message when the link is clicked. Twitter has thus brought back the importance of writing an influencing headline like none others.

There is a ton of information online which will guide you on how to write headlines on Twitter and what words to use to lure readers. Some of these are really useful and can help you considerably in your pursuit to generate more free traffic and leads to your website. Below given are 4 important tips that will help you get started with writing strong headlines on Twitter.


1) Using Lists and Numbers

Readers love to click on links that give them a list or number of ways to do things. Lists and numbers not only draw readers but are also easily scannable and readable. For example: “25 Things to Do Before Going to Bed” or “10 Ways to Improve SEO for Your Blog” or “10 Worst Errors That Bloggers Make” are sure to spike interest among readers.

2) ‘How To’ Articles or Headlines that Let out Secret/s

Statistics have time and again shown that headlines using ‘how to’ or articles that let out secrets of the trade, make people click on the link a lot more than normal headlines. For example: “How to Plan a Stress free Holiday” or “5 Secrets to Make Good Money Online” are headlines that spark interest and curiosity among readers to know what is written.

3) Headlines that are Easily Searchable

Headlines should be SEO friendly so that they can be easily searched online. Since headlines are the face of the article, keywords should also be appropriately fitted within it. For example: Titles like “Homemade Ice Cream Recipes” or “Make a Customizable Google Map” are headlines that not only express usefulness but are also easily searchable in search engine sites.

4) Headlines that Share Knowledge 

With growing fears and problems, people are always on the lookout for ways to deal with them.  Headlines that offer suggestions or share knowledge to deal with problems are quite useful for readers. Readers are more interested in gaining information on overcoming their problems and obstacles and hence would go about clicking the link and reading the article. For example: “Get Rid of Depression by Actively Avoiding 10 Things” or “Know How to Upgrade to a Professional Blog”, are headlines that not only share knowledge but also express usefulness of the article.

Learning different ways to write a good headline will help you immensely in improving the traffic of your site and blog. Remember, all these things do not cost money, but only a little patience, effort and practise on your part. So why leave them behind? Use them and see the difference.

My List of 26 Trusted Freelance Job Sites Online

A lot of people are into freelance work these days. Be it content writing, programming, website designing and development, logo creation, etc. a number of freelancers and freelance job sites are flourishing online. In the quest to work from home and earn good money from online resource, housewives, students, retirees and even people who are bored of a 9-to-5 job find online freelancing quite lucrative.

However, just as millions of people from all around the world are working online, there are also thousands of websites that claim to offer freelance work to people wanting to work on a full-time, part-time or freelance basis. Trusting these sites blindly, without much research on them can although leave you with a bad headache. To save you from all that trouble and also for the benefit of readers, I have listed 25 reliable websites that offer freelance work. As a beginner or a pro freelancer, you can definitely sign up with a couple of these sites to find work as a freelancer. However, before working with any of the clients you meet on these websites it is also advisable to know about their work background and reputation.

Below given are freelance sites for content writers, data entry operators, website designers/developers, programmers and graphic artists. Some of these sites also offer freelance work for marketing professionals, virtual assistants and people in engineering and multimedia fields.

1)      www.elance.com

2)      www.freelancer.com

3)      www.oDesk.com

4)      www.guru.com

5)      http://jobs.problogger.net/

6)      www.craiglist.com

7)      www.ifreelance.com

8)      www.peopleperhour.com

9)      www.gofreelance.com

10)   www.demandstudios.com

11)   www.project4hire.com

12)   http://fiverr.com

13)   http://allfreelancework.com

14)   http://www.online-writing-jobs.com/

15)   www.freelancewritinggigs.com

16)   https://talent.hubstaff.com/ (Fairly new site, applicable for freelancers/agencies, No registration cost involved)

17)   www.journalismjobs.com  (Great for people in journalism)

Programmers, web designers and logo/banner creators can also look into these dedicated websites:

18)   http://www.rent-acoder.com/

19)   www.getacoder.com

20)   http://99designs.com

21)   www.scriptlance.com

22)   www.logomyway.com

23)   www.programmermeetdesigner.com

24)   www.projectspring.com

25)   www.eprojects.co.in

26)   http://www.ejobs4pros.com/

The above list has been compiled after referring several sites and comments from freelancers. Hope you find my list useful.

Also, please feel free to add on to this list, provided, the site you are referring to is trustworthy.

Top Tips for Healthy Cooking, Eating and Living

‘Health is wealth’. This is not only the most appropriate quote to start this blog on but also explains the importance of health in the most lucid way.

Healthy cooking, healthy eating and healthy living are all phrases, directing at the topic of good health. In today’s fast life, where a large number of the world’s population is overweight and obese and is at a high risk to a number of related ailments, the urgency to follow a healthy diet and live an active life is all the more. Vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy products, whole grains, etc. are all needed for good health. However instead of cutting down on carbohydrates or good fats as suggested by a number of online sites and dieting plans, it is actually wise to eat all of them in moderation and gain required nutrients. This can only be done, if you are assertive, alert and informed about healthy cooking practices and eating habits. To help you with this, I have listed down a few tips that can come in handy in while selecting, cooking or eating food. Implement them and follow a regular exercise plan to live a long, healthy and active life.

Selecting Healthy Foodstuffs:

  • While selecting grains like rice, wheat, etc. look for whole grains. They are more nutritious and healthy.
  • Always read food labels. Pick packaged foods that have clear mention about less fat, good cholesterol, less saturated fat, low or no sodium and low sugar content.
  • Likewise, try and use skimmed milk and yoghurt and non-fat/low-fat dairy products as much as possible.
  • While choosing meat, select lean varieties. While buying poultry get the skin off. This will lower its saturated fat content.

Healthy Cooking:

  • When it comes to cooking, always add less salt than required. Taste your food and then add little salt if needed. This will not only prevent your dish from getting salty but will also help you cut down on sodium content. Also keep your salt shakers away from your dining table to train yourself and your family to eat food containing less salt.
  • Oil is another ingredient that needs to be used less while cooking. To consume less saturated fat, lower the use of oil, butter, cream and cheese during every cooking expedition. Olive oil is the best among all oils.
  • Salads containing vegetables and fruits are quite healthy. Do not make them unhealthy by adding fatty dressings like mayonnaise, sour cream or cheese. Instead add lime juice and/or herbs to enhance its flavour.
  • While cooking, a lot of people use packaged foods like ketchup and sauces of different varieties to make their dish tasty. These processed and packaged products contain high amount of sodium. Instead you can add a dash of lime juice, use tomato sauce prepared at home, sprinkle oregano and herbs, spices, vinegar, tamarind, etc. to pep up the taste of your dish, while making it healthy.
  • If you are buying canned vegetables, pulses or fruits, always rinse them.
  • Overcooking vegetables can rob them off their nutrients. Instead, wash your vegetables, dice them into small pieces and steam them in your steamer basket or microwave. Note the time. This method is better than frying, blanching or even boiling vegetables.
  • Fried food uses a lot of oil, which is really unhealthy. However, if you are really tempted to eat fried stuff, then avoid the pan. Spray oil on the oven (as it uses less oil) and try frying/grilling/baking in the oven.

Healthy Eating:

  • Wash and eat fresh fruits and vegetables regularly.
  • Avoid eating processed and packaged food, fast food like pastries, burgers, pizzas, hot dogs, chips, sweets, etc. as much as possible.
  • Never skip your breakfast. In fact have a filling protein rich breakfast. Include a cup of skimmed milk or yoghurt in your breakfast to add calcium in your diet.
  • If you feel hungry quite often and want to have snacks, then have a fruit, munch some almonds or eat some light crackers. Do not go for a burger or pizza.
  • Drink at least 6 full glass of water daily. This will keep you hydrated, flush out toxins and wastes from your body and avert unnecessary hunger pangs.

Top 7 Content Writing Topics for Bloggers

As writers, there is a lot of material on the internet, which inspires us to read, think and write about. However there are also a few days, when we are absolutely clueless. The mind goes blank and we are often left wondering about what topics to write on. If you are facing such problems and are thinking of a topic that is interesting for readers, will give you considerable inputs to write on and that will also drive traffic to your website, then you need not worry. There are some evergreen topics or popular topics on which you can write an article or blog and without bothering about inadequate audience.

The below given 7 topics are quite popular online, as the demand for blogs, articles, news and information under these subjects are considerably higher among readers.

1.    Weight loss

Under this topic, you can write a whole lot of things. It can be about tips or techniques to lose weight naturally, about weight loss techniques for rapid weight loss or any new method regarding weight loss. With more and more people being conscious about their health and wanting to remain fit and agile and follow a healthy lifestyle, there is a big audience out there, waiting to read on this topic.

 2.    Cooking

If you love cooking and can dish out a variety of delicacies, then you can blog on cooking. You can write about recipes serving authentic food, about continental food, your own inventions, recipes on quick meals, snacks, desserts, etc. As said before, people are nowadays more health-conscious and would love to know about recipes that are tasty, healthy and are low in calories. You can easily let out recipes that will help readers regain their slim and trim figure through your blogs.

3.    Beauty

Another evergreen and popular topic to write on is beauty. You can write about beauty secrets, age-old practices followed to maintain good skin, natural products or tips for a glowing skin, modern methods to rediscover glowing skin, etc. You can also write about skincare regime, techniques to reverse aging, products to slow down skin aging, about celebrity beauty secrets and whole lot of other things. In fact the more you think, the more number of topics can be generated under this main topic.

4.    Fashion

Fashion and beauty are thought to be inter-related, but this topic has a life of its own. Clothing, fashion jewellery, shoes and accessories are some of the sub-categories that fall under fashion. A number of interesting and visually attractive topics can be generated under this topic, while attracting more eyeballs to your site.

5.    Technology

This is again one popular topic, due to the enormous amount of developments made in the field of technology. Under technology, there are a whole lot of electronic gadgets, appliances, news about new technological developments and many more that keep coming up regularly and from all parts of the world. In fact, if you just consider cell phones and cameras, then you will find so many new models being introduced from time to time. This kind of information is quite useful and valuable for readers and they regularly keep looking for it online.

6.    How to Make Money Online

Another hot topic that people constantly keep looking for is how to make money online. Be it recession, boredom from a monotonous 9 to 5 job, feasibility to work in flexible hours or working part time to earn some extra cash, the reasons for looking for an online job are ‘money‘. If you have the know-how, the ideas, business or the skills, then you can very well write on this topic.

 7.    Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Gmail, etc. are all different social media sites. These sites now play an important part in marketing, promotional and advertising activities. With people taking active interest in these sites, there are a number of blogs and articles dedicated to informing, educating and even enlightening readers with tips, ideas, techniques and added information on how to make the best use of these social media sites for optimum benefit for marketing/promotional activities. With these sites here to stay, social media is another hot topic that is expected to gain increasing eyeballs from readers.

The above 7 topics are the hot content writing topics according to me. In addition to these, topics like nutrition, fitness, travelling and real estate are other quite relevant, useful and interesting topics. If you are short of ideas or are doubtful on which topic to write, then you can consider any of the above topics to write an interesting and useful article/blog while managing to drive free traffic to your site.

10 Best Diabetes-Friendly Fruits

A person with diabetes is always advised to consume diabetes-friendly foods that contain less sugar in them. This is because a diabetic patient already has high blood sugar and the pancreas in the body either does not produce sufficient insulin or the cells in the body do not react to it, to lower the high levels of blood sugar.

With so many kinds and varieties of food available, it becomes difficult for a diabetic patient to know and identify what foods to eat and what not. For a start though, let us talk about naturally available foods like fruits. Fruits are typically packed with good amount of vitamins, minerals, fibres, antioxidants and water content. Unlike vegetables, fruits contain fructose (a type of sugar) that gives them their sweetness. Though there is no such thing called as ‘bad fruit’, higher amount of fructose can have a negative effect on the health of a diabetic patient, as the blood sugar level climbs up as soon as it is eaten.

Hence, to be on the safe side, it is always better to know what fruits can be eaten by a diabetic patient and what should be avoided. To help you with this, just check the below given list. If you are diabetic, then include the below given diabetes friendly fruits (having glycemic level less than 55) in your diet and boost your immune and health. If not, then spread the word and share it with people who are suffering from diabetes to help them live a healthier, safer and longer life.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1.    Grapefruit

Grapefruit, which can be sour or sweet, is the best fruit for diabetic patients. This is because it contains very low glycemic level, is a wonderful source of Vitamin C and contains natural antioxidants and soluble fibre. If you have a big grapefruit, then consuming half of it is enough or you can eat the whole fruit in one serving.

2.    Berries

Berries like strawberries, cranberries, blackberries, blueberries, gooseberries and cranberries are packed with ample anti-oxidants. They are also low in carbs and offer good amount of fibre and vitamins. You can eat them naturally or prepare sugar-less smoothies by blending them in.

3.    Cherries

Sweet tasting red cherries are the perfect answer for sweet tooth diabetic patients. Though cherries are sweet, they have low glycemic levels and are bundled with powerful antioxidants. You can consume nearly a dozen of them, without any worry.

4.    Apples

‘An apple a day keeps a doctor away’. The saying holds true even for diabetes. A perfect diabetic-friendly fruit, apples are rich in fibres and Vitamin C. As a suggestion, eat the whole apple without peeling it, as the skin is known to contain good amount of anti-oxidants.  An apple can be easily consumed as a snack, whenever you are hungry.

5.    Pears

Pears are generally available throughout the year. This high fibre, minerals and potassium containing fruit, is low in carbs and glycemic level. It can be safely eaten anytime, as it is the least allergic amongst other fruits.

6.    Peaches

Juicy and beautiful looking peaches contain low glycemic levels but high amount of Vitamin A and C, fibre and antioxidants. Eat a whole fresh peach in one serving to get its nutrients and avoid the canned ones as much as possible.

7.    Oranges

Another great source of Vitamin C, oranges are low in carbohydrates, have low glycemic level but good amount of potassium.

8.    Guavas

Guavas are again very low in glycemic level and the best source for antioxidants. Rich in Vitamin C, one big guava or two small guavas in a serving is sufficient for a diabetic patient to gain essential nutrients.

9.    Melons

Melons like watermelons and muskmelons have high water content and are low in glycemic level. They are also rich in potassium, lycopene and Vitamin B and C. One or two big slices of these melons are enough to satisfy your snack craving and pack in necessary nutrients.

10.  Apricot

Apricot is another great choice for diabetes. This fruit is low in carbohydrates but rich in fiber and Vitamin A.  One average sized apricot included in your everyday diet is ample to pack in some much needed nutrition.